Wave memory, Skaill, 2023


Handwoven tapestry

Size: 25.5 cm square (including painted wooden box frame)

Materials: cotton, linen, rayon and wool; woven on 10 warps per inch.

Tidal cycles are a constant source of inspiration and “Wave memory” is a study of sea froth left behind on the shore at Skaill, below Skara Brae.  Traced wave edges are like fingerprints: each ripple, froth or outline is similar yet unique to each wave. They reveal evidence of waves which have dispersed on the shore and the quality of the weather and the tide that particular day.

The wooden box frame is painted a dark, sand toned grey with a bright blue wash rubbed into the wood grain which echoes the texture of the tapestry and highlights the shiny blue rayon thread in the artwork which shimmers and catches the light. The blue in the frame is not obvious from a distance but a subtle detail upon closer inspection.


Important:  Please contact us prior to purchase so that we can discuss and arrange payment and suitable postage and insurance.

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