Reflect and retreat


Handwoven Tapestry set in a painted wooden box frame.

Size: 22.5 x 12cm (including  frame.)

Materials: cotton, linen, rayon and wool; woven on 8 warps per inch on cotton warp.

Ripples, reflections, interconnectedness and ebb and flow.

Sand ripples, created by water and air moving across a surface, reflect the gentle, undulating forms of the Orkney landscape. Ripples drawn from landscape forms around Orkney are layered with backwash ripples and sea froth fragments to play with the idea of interconnectedness.  Colours, line, forms and patterns echo each other, contributing to the natural rhythm and flow of Orkney’s shorelines. A combination of textural effects – knots, single and double weft – play with low relief surface.

Important:  Please contact us prior to purchase so that we can discuss and arrange payment and suitable postage and insurance.


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